TekMat AR15 Weapons Platform Design Door Mat


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The AR15 is probably our favorite rifle. We like to shoot it, clean it, and caress it when no one else is looking. Don’t make it weird. TekMat’s likes all things AR and this AR15 Weapons Platform Door Mat with original 3D rendered artwork and AR15 modifications definitely fits the bill for an awesome bench mat or door mat. Each AR15 Weapons Platform door mat is dye sublimated by hand in TekMat’s factory in Salt Lake City. The rubber substrate will ensure the mat does not slide around while the vulcanized rubber will give the door mat some padding. All of these materials are weather resistant and will stand the test of time on your door step.

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Weight 2.110 lbs
Dimensions 25.000 × 2.750 × 2.750 in




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