A new firearm purchase is in your near future, but you aren’t exactly sure what would be best for you and your needs. You have done your research online, but pictures online don’t give you the full experience, nor do they allow you to get a feel for weight, grip, and sight acquisition.

You plan on venturing out to a few firearm dealers to see what they have in stock, and hopefully come to a purchasing decision. When you arrive at said dealers you may or may not see the firearm(s) you viewed online, and you quickly realize there are many other options to choose from. Things begin to become slightly overwhelming, and you are now more confused than when you first looked on the Internet.

The good news is that you are not alone, and we have a solution! This is a common problem we deal with on a daily basis. Whether it is someone brand new to shooting, or an avid shooter looking for a new firearm to fill a specific need. Nothing beats first hand experience, and nothing will make you more confident about your decision than getting to shoot your firearm first hand. The solution to all your problems is renting a firearm to test it out before you decide to buy!

Renting a firearm not only allows you to hold the firearm, but also allows to get a first hand experience on the firearm(s) sights, trigger weight, and recoil. These issues are very important as everyone has different hand sizes, grip strength, tolerances, opinions, and vision.

It’s very common that the recommendation you received from a friend, co-worker, or internet sensation is completely opposite, and/or wrong for you and your needs. Being able to rent a firearm  will allow you to make the most educated and knowledgable decision. It will also make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your purchase. If you purchase a firearm first, and decide that you don’t like it then you will most certainly lose money trying to sell or trade it away. It’s very important for us to help you find a firearm that you feel comfortable, and confident with. You will be more inclined to practice, and further educate yourself in the future if the firearm is right for you.

At VRA we are constantly adding new models to our rental counter to give you the most options available. We have been working hard to bring in new models that are sure to be popular and reliable on top of what we already have to rent. We want t a large variety ore rentals so that you can make the right decision, and feel confident doing so.

Be sure to keep checking our counter throughout the month of May as we plan to revamp, and add many new models to our rental counter. Do yourself the biggest favor you can and try out the gun you want to purchase (or something similar) to make sure you don’t get stuck with something you will regret in the future. If you have any questions on our rental guns feel free to call us at 937-387-0485, or email alex@vra-ohio.com.