So you have decided you want to purchase a new firearm. You have done some online research, talked to a few friends, and maybe even stopped into a local gun store to get try and gather so much needed information. At this point you are ready to make a purchase, but are you really ready? Outside of price do you know exactly what you are really getting with your gun purchase? To make things simple I’m going to break down a three important details that everyone should consider when making their next firearm purchase.

Knowledgeable staff

Does your local store have a staff that is educated, and informed on the products they sell? This seems like a no brainer, but based on our experience this is rarely the case. In many instances customers will make a purchase from a store merely on price or convenience of a location. Unfortunately, when they leave that store they have the same amount of information on their purchase as they did when they walked in. Often times the first words out of their mouth when they come through the door is, “can you show me how to use this gun”?

When you walk into a store you should be able to get any and all the information about the product you are looking to buy. Whether you decide to purchase that day, or take a few days to ponder you should have more knowledge walking out than you did walking in.

As a staff we are constantly exchanging information on our products (new and old) to make sure that all of our employees have the knowledge to help you make an educated decision. We will go over in detail how the firearm works, how to tear it apart/clean it, ways to carry, or store the firearm, how to properly handle the firearm, how to accessorize your firearm (lasers, grips, sights, etc),and will answer any other questions you have regarding your firearm. We want to make sure that you are comfortable, and informed on your decision

Hands on experience

So you are close to making a decision on your purchase; now what? Does your store provide a range, and rentals for you to try before you make that final decision? You wouldn’t jump in the first car you see and drive it off the lot without at least taking it for a spin, right? Although your firearm won’t cost as much as your new car you should still take advantage of testing a few out to make sure you are comfortable.

In many cases the firearm that was at the top of your list could soon end up on the bottom after taking the time to test fire a few options. On paper many firearms look to be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, but in reality that isn’t always the case. Hand size, grip strength, recoil, size, weight, and personal needs will all play an important factor (remember when I discussed a knowledgeable staff). The beauty of testing a few firearms is it will allow you to figure out what you like, but also what you dislike. When you come off the range we can discuss your pros and cons of the gun, and if it turns out to be a bad fit for you then we can show you some alternative options that might be better.

Testing some firearms will likely save you money in the long run. Once the firearm is purchased it becomes a used gun (whether you never shoot it, or you shoot it a thousand times). If you are not happy with your purchase you will then have to trade it, or sell it for a loss to move on to something else. Rentals at VRA will cost you $8 (plus a box of ammo), and you can make a first hand decision. Don’t just buy a firearm and walk out the door. Take the time to go to a place that provides you with the ability to fire it. This will also be beneficial after the purchase should you have an issue with the firearm. An educated staff can help diagnose and fix any problems that may occur after the purchase. This too can be very beneficial to your wallet.

After purchase service

You made an educated, informed decision and purchased a new firearm. It has been everything you wanted, and so far it hasn’t had any issues. What if in six months you show up to the range and the gun has decided it wants to quit working? It’s unclear what the issue is, and it doesn’t appear to be quick fix. What now? This should be an important decision with your next purchase. Who is going to take care of me when my firearm has an issue? Trust me at some point it probably will, and most gun stores will likely tell you that you are on your own. We don’t believe this should be the case, and we make it very clear that we are here with our customers for the life of any firearm they purchase from us.

Should there ever be an issue with your firearm just bring it into VRA and we will take care of sending it back for you (In most cases free of charge). Your gun has a warranty, and unless you have done some personal gun smithing to void said warranty it can be sent back and fixed (often times at no charge). A warranty of some type comes with every firearm, and this is something that is already included in your purchase. Your store should provide this because you chose to purchase from them. It’s a service few places offer, but is a service that should be important to you when you make that final decision on who to buy from.

So the next time you decide to purchase a firearm take a minute to research what all comes with that purchase outside of the product and price itself. Service, and knowledge will be far superior to saving a few dollars, and you will be much happier with your firearm. Getting the most from your gun purchase will be most beneficial to you and your needs now and in the future.